Why everyone is hanging out with Mindy Kaling these days

There is no other way to say this but Mindy Kaling is awesome! And I’ve been saying that the first time I saw her as Kelly Kapoor on ‚’’The Office’’ pursuing the craziest love-hate relationship with intern Ryan. Her comic timing is absolutely brilliant, her voice is like a cutesy five-year old girls and she’s representing us brown girls on TV pretty well. She’s also a kick ass writer who has not only contributed her comic genius to The Office, but she’s also written a book called ‚’’Is everyone hanging out without me?’.

And if you always thought there was very little airtime given to her on The Office, FOX has finally given Kaling her own TV show called, ‚’’The Mindy project’’ which premiered on September 25, 2012.

Not only does she play the main role, she’s also written the first three episode and produced them.

In the show, Mindy plays this twenty-something, superficial physician working in a private hospital with two scrumptious looking doctors. Mindy herself is obsessed with the perfect fairytale ending but her real love life is far from it.

The show starts with a drunken Mindy standing at her dentist ex-boyfriend’s wedding reception, delivering one of the most embarassingly hilarious toasts ever. And within a few minutes you get to realise that despite her fancy degree, this girl does not have her shit together. But that’s what makes the show even more awkward and fun.

Even better is the fact that a lot of The Office regulars may make guest appearances in the coming episodes. The first epsiode already saw Andy coming in as a blind date for Mindy.

But what makes this show super awesome is the chemistry between macho doctor Danny and Mindy. It’s that explosive, violent, loathesome negative energy whereby both characters constantly keep putting each other down and don’t realise that they’re really into each other.

I think this is the kind of show that has the potential to take over and be more popular, intriguing and funnier than Zooey Deshanel’s New Girl.

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